Wednesday, June 10, 2009

world cafe

So I'm agoraphobic or something which I am mostly cool with. But I still want to be social.
I enjoy imagining informational technologies as really fun ways to interact;
collaborative prose
net-meeting software
Halo 3
And in all of these situations I want to maintain my physical space and only participate when I feel no pressure to do so, only flow to do.
Yes, the reality of these desires is that it mostly involves thinking, and that if I was to actually get a group to adopt one technology, then I would most likely leave it for another.
BUt it's still really enjoyable to think about.
Maybe I just like pretending to hang out with friends by considering what technologies are best for it.
I could post this on Facebook, but it seems somehow inappropriate. I don't want to seem like I want an answer, I just really enjoy writing about the problem.
Check this out:
Though I don't want an answer, I do want to build it with others.
New post on collaboration.

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