Saturday, January 23, 2010

gysin speed

Life obsession can often appear as a death obsession. Thinking of the difference between them. Thinking of one necessitates thinking of the other.

Living people can manipulate and manifest things in the material realm. Dead people cannot. That is the main difference.

Though life often lasts long enough that one may become desensitized to the potential they may branch at any given circumstance, it is a timed level and limited.

This is an excerpt from an interview in Core Loop magazine (September 2010):

Douglas Quimmel: What were your reasons for basing the game off of the movie "naked lunch" rather than the book.

Curtis Booth: They are similar in name alone. The only reason we would have wanted to do a game based on the book would be because we wanted some sort of street cred with a non-existent literati player-base. The book just makes me feel bad. I haven't even read it, but I've seen enough to know that it is seeping evil. The movie however, was extremely inspirational. It had a certain paranoia that seems more like something I need to get through than something I am putting other people through needlessly. The confusion involved in communications with Interpol and Control are completely plastic, but don't seem baseless. As a game designer, I saw something programmable, but ambiguous enough for real imaginative engagement by the player who is subconsciously trying to make sense of it all. Plus I've always wanted to go to Morocco.