Thursday, October 14, 2010

morning porch

The swing chain makes a spoke noise like springling pulses of pull and give; The electronica you would hear from an old wooden ship.
Birds on the lines are trying to communicate it with series of clicks.

The hillside across the road is sprinkled with the light yellow of malnourished new-growth. Weeds unfortunate enough to have waited til mid-October.

this swing was built withought the knowledge needed to make a comfortable seat.

I came out for morning coffee, for something more authentic and less demanding than Halo or Minecraft.. The core-loop is much longer out here while philosophizin than it is when pawning noobs or running from mobs.
There's more personal investment when out here, acknowledging that I should slow my thoughts.
I measure my success by poignant observations. If I, for instance, notice that the birds on the wire are replying to the sound of the porch-swing chain, then I know that I have succeeded in ignoring the distraction of language based thought long enough to observe a base state of observation and emotion. i think of these base states as archtypical, but I don't know that they are; still they seem similar to the colors you learn in kindergarten or character types from young adult novels. I haven't named them, it''s hard enough to even notice that they are there, and that I have felt them before.
I enjoy noticing them, it creates a sense of unity in time. As if there is a hub to my experience, from which I may access anything I've experience before.