Monday, December 28, 2009

unsatiated evangelist

I find myself wanting to convince others of the value-potential and value-obtained (persoanlly) from the videogame medium, but I have a purpose-infused identity crisis involving this role.
What a fascinating problem.
I'm starting to celebritize the staff that participates and enables the Giant bombcast and wanting to buy games for people without consoles at established risk of my friends having so much respect for my passion that they operate on my desires instead of their own and humble my appeals by atttempting interest and failing to recieve enthusiasm. It's so hard for me to share favorites.
Though my sharing of favorites may get ego-driven, from my perspective they are pure. Still => I lack the ability to really show the worth that I see. At least, withought proximity.,

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

fish music

It would be worthwhile having a fish tank if they reacted to the music in the house like a really impressive music visualizer.