Wednesday, February 2, 2011

why I don't write hyper-fiction

Why I Don't Write HyperFiction      by clyde

I don't write hyperfiction because it would quickly turn into hypernonfiction. I don't write hyperfiction. I just don't. I might think about it once in a while; how awesome it would be to write a hyperfiction story; where I could just go in every once in a while and read it and be like "you know, I would like the characters to do an option that is not presently written, and so i will add another link" and then I would add a link and create a few options for each moment and I would never go back to fix the broken links and I would call upon the people who read my hyperfiction (but no one does, unless it's a brief favor to myself) to go ahead and fill in some of the possibilities. When they do i would read it and say to myself 'no, no, no, they don't understand the setting or the characters or the consistent logic which is in my mind, but I will leave their entry because personal relationships and the feeling of capability and artistic creativity of others is far more important than my peculiar egoism that necessitates an algorithm that i can not formulate enough to communicate to anyone else, but i can claim the algorithm exists long enough to imply that they are doing something wrong. i don't write hyperfiction because i would end up depending on the contributions of others and then belittling their contributions with baseless territorial urges.
I don't write hyperfiction because i'm fickle. As soon as I get enough motivation to start writing hyperfiction, I type in some search terms and shop for programs that would meet my hyperfiction needs, and are free. Then I would download it, install it, get to know the interface by typing a few words, making a few links that terminate at place-holders and become exhausted. I don't write hyperfiction because I lack the discpline or motivation to ever touch, read, or refine that story again. I would wait a few years, until I think to myself, "wouldn't it be great to write some hyperfiction" and then I would search for some hyperfiction program because long ago I deleted the other one, or I completely forgot that I installed it on my machine.
I don't write hyperfiction because if I REALLY wanted to write hyperfiction, I would be able to write the story in my sketchbook using an ingenious format of signal-flow that would increase the  likelihood of self-reference (modeled on the aesthetic magnetism of platonic solids). I would spend a lot of thought on whether I should use convenient colored markers or low-opacity watercolors to create a color-coded network of connections between interlinking causalities and I would at some point go "whoa" when I notice a truth in the way I tend to link certain types of things to certain other types of things and I would lament my inability to communicate that moment of insight with this hyperfiction medium because in order to understand it, one must do it themselves (without the the knowledge that I am intending them to do so). I don't write hyperfiction because I have a hard enough time communicating an instance of insight linearly.