Tuesday, June 9, 2009

power source

I feel like driving down Independence towards Anika's house and stopping @ that bar that the guy named Frenchy who worked for my dad and was super nice to me and only thought he would live to be like 30, but probabably didn't live much longer cause he has severe emphasema or something supposedly went to. The Bell bar or something. Never been there, but it seems like today would be a nice one to go there. Maybe they have wireless there though my fantasy lies in the late 80's.
So I'll whip out this here new laptop whch was a $400 joint purchase between Chrissy and I and birthday money and start searchengining for ATP.
ATP like the mitochondria stuff.
The mitochondria in the power house of the cell. So, at some point I'll see an intuitive manner by which might paste a nice text-book graphic of a mitochondria onto my brain and then feed the motherfucker some ATP which I'll find by tightly wadding scraps of paper from the sugar packes at my table. Or maybe I can cut the sugar with some broccoli or something. But you know how these places are, even the raw broccoli on the veggie tray is eviscerated of all umami.

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