Wednesday, June 10, 2009

collaborative posture

The most fun i had before I could drive was building tree forts. Dad was a remodeler and there were accesible woodlots in the neighborhood. We would row a raft we built to a bamboo grove on some guys land who was infirmed or something (he had a large piece of property) and we would saw down bamboo poles that were probably 5 inches in diameter and the transport them by raft to a site on the water which we had already scouted. One time it involved a large live oak that was overhanging an inlet. We nailed the bamboo to teh tree in such a way that we could slide down it from the tree to the raft. Other forts had nice rope swings and one had a dugout and a scaffolding in the tree. All of it had the air of preparation. We would build traps, plan for every contigency of attack. Escape was something we looked forward to because we had such well established routes.
Here is my main point SPOILER ALERT which is a funny thing to say before the actual ending:
Once we didn't see anything else that we needed to do to the forts, once they were complete, we just moved on to another one. The fun was building them, not hanging out there.
I still feel that way. I just want to build partial ideas with people and then drop them whenever we become disinterested in it. I think that has a negative context, but it shouldn't. There's such a goodness to quiting.
In the context of accomplishing a specific goal, it sucks if you don't achieve it, but when you are just doing something for a while, it should be fun regardless of whether or not you finish it. I'm done.

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