Wednesday, June 23, 2010

garage band

I should make a garage band.
I would ask them to play songs for my science-fiction movie about god and the devil being the same entity.
The twist isn't that god and the devil are the same entity, it's that the entity had no desire to hide any part of it's nature; humans did that.
It would be a very slow film. There would be a main group of characters. sometimes, some of them would be paranoid that the music they listen to is a message from the devil, while others are enthusiastic about the same music because it's a message from god. The song in question is a love song, where the singer is expressing their want to be closer. I would have to ask my garage band to make one of those. The garage band should be the main group. But I don't want them making the music in the movie, I want them to be listening to it.
We should put it up on Youtube. It wouldn't be longer than 10 minutes, but by the time it's over, you feel satisfied.

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