Sunday, June 13, 2010

coffee lust

"lust" is what I call it. "lust" is the desire for something that is "sexy".
"sexy" is that irrational attraction. You may have reasons, but reasons are just a way to pretend that you have more control than you do.
I suppose I should tell you that I use these terms to describe my enthusiasm for ideas and consumer products more than I use them for actual people. That's what I'm interested in, communicating the inevitable movement towards new videogames and enthralling mythologies.
My concept of lust is like the way that women characters in movies talk about their love for chocolate. They begin with a metaphor of sex and then a female friend says "Oh but you would rather have sex that eat chocolate" and then the woman eating chocolate says "oh I don't know about that" and then they all laugh in an awkward yet communal fashion. That's how I feel about riding accordions like a skateboard that moves uphill and plays music as you pump it with your feet until you reach a summit where an extraterrestrial made of logic informs you that the next move is an obvious one.
I think monks are celibate so that their lustful energy goes toward data entry work and theological experimentation. I believe that is the motive.
I think monogamy is a form of celibacy and that the energy once used to motivate you towards maintaining and refining your attractive characteristics, exposing yourself to potential mates, navigating the subtleties of social encounters, and wanting to be with that person; requires a new release. Like a improving a career or protecting a child, or going deeper into a hobby.

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