Thursday, November 5, 2009

really looking

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clydebink said...

It's so interesting that I draw like that and then try to put it on a body as a head or hat to give it some context.

clydebink said...

Sometimes, I look at this and see a trash page, but then other times I look at it and see the utter brilliance.
It's not fair to just state that it is brilliant, so i'll explain some:

the outreaching arms are similar to the heads, they provide a definition to the scribbles, but also influence them.
At first the appearances on teh page seem arbitrary, but as I examine them, the relationships between object on the page seem significant and narrative.
The smear in teh middle of the page is obviously intentional and impulsive, and it being there reminds me of that moment when it is a page, instead of a subject matter, it is an object. think of an object like an ancient manuscript or genie lamp or antique, that is how the smear makes me think of the page.

The color at teh bottom of the page at first seems to just compete with the two forms above it, but as I try to reason with teh individual shelves in teh shadowbox, I grow an affinity that turns into a reverence. The color is like "see how powerful it is when i try".
Then I folow the color up to the second form and wonder why I stopped, and then the answer seems obvious; the first two forms didn't need it like the third, they are already intense, and so the lack of color is maintaining a safe distance from illusion.
I then begin wondering what the motive of that illusion is, Not necessarily my motive for drawing it, but its motive for manifesting.