Friday, November 13, 2009

artistic endeavor

Right now I'm feeling that art is not only manifestation of experiential pieces, but also the process of demonstrating and attempting to traverse the barriers of the medium used.
Images were able to represent visual stimulus, but not reproduce motion or behavior.
Music was able to show motion but no real representation (with the exception of representing specific sounds)
Motion Pictures were able to represent visual stimulus, sound, movement and behavior; but created a desire to be that person, to be the character.
Videogames and role-playing games allow everything that motion pictures allow and give you the power to play the role of the character, or to be them, but sacrificing the objective viewpoint.
Now it seems that what is desired (the barriers to traverse) are the sharing of experiences which include the power of the player to make decisions for the character; and a sense of achievement and idiosyncratic (expressive) results.

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