Wednesday, December 8, 2010

fey dream

Last night I dreamt that Chrissy and I were hired to participate in some sort of candid camera operation in which Tina Fey was the stooge. We had met her briefly before for a different work-assignment. Our role was to be in line at the rural gas station as she came in. The basic "joke" was that her manager (who knew her well enough) was going to place inside jokes in her environment without her knowledge that it had been orchestrated. But in the moment of truth when Fey came to the line to purchase her morning coffee, she somehow became skeptical when Chrissy became nervous. Tina fey looked at Chrissy and said "You're the hot girl that I was supposed to do that project with" during her wide-spanning narration of orchestrated elements in her normal environment. The "joke" was a failure, but I started laughing at Chrissy going "Tina Fey thinks you are the 'hot girl', that's awesome."
The manager was disappointed that we all got busted, but decided to go ahead with one of the other events later in the day. It was some sort of seminar in a wooden deck kinda courtyard. The orchestrated elements that did not involve Chrissy and me were having the desired effect and Tina Fey was becoming manic (though trying to keep in to herself and Chrissy) as she was realizing that everything that was happening around her was heavily influenced by ideas which she had had previously. Chrissy began pointing out more to her, hoping that as Chrissy pointed out the absurd quantity of coincidences, Tina Fey would get wise and know that her manager was playing a trick on her. This was when Chrissy and I became concerned with the joke and especially our role in it. I thought, well I don't want to participate in fooling her, but if I was to just tell her, I wouldn't be able to participate and someone without compassion might be hired in our place.
So my decision was to comfort Tina Fey by participating in her manicism. I asked her what she was doing and she explained that she had a game that she would play in her childhood where she would rub spots on her desk that appeared to have moving specks with her thumbnail. The resulting smear marks would begin to reveal a painting. So I started doing that with her and indeed it resulted in a painting with three elements in columns. From left to right: there was an Apatosaurus outstreaching it's neck down to a flower bloom, water being poured into a mouth, and an abstracted penis going into a biology textbook diagram of a vagina. It was quite a nice painting. The background was a mostly even dark bluish-purple. and all the foreground elements were reddish-orange to dark yellow.
At this point I became concerned that the painting would be damaged when tina Fey found out what was going on. I thought she might destroy the painting, so I started planning how to get it to safety in that moment. There was a concern between both Chrissy and I that she would think that everything we had said and all the fun of the day was just an act, but we felt that we had some really valuable experiences. I began feeling that this specific "joke" was actually a power-play by her manager, trying to embarrass her eccentrics and give her the impression that she needs to rely only on interests that apply directly to the business of being a performer. The announcement that it was a joke kinda happened when we weren't around and Chrissy and I went off thinking that we had ruined any chance for further interaction with Tina Fey, as her manager had successfully convinced her that the childhood stuff was crap. And that's what Chrissy and I do.

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