Tuesday, September 1, 2009

anon consults

I like the idea of posting on my own blog anonymously for just this post. I guess I could comment on a post, but it seems disingenious to my true desire to make this post anonymously:

Pictures, thousands of words, me laying on these pillos speciaaly. GRAmmatical err. The beast. Good stuff. BULLET POINTS> booms. blahs.

I'm digging on some consumer electronics. This is a really fantastic human limit. Check it out:
I'm totally in the lower percentile of sustaining a dionysian intoxication with the banality that surrounds us. It's such a nice banality, so different from other banalities. I'm being too general.
Consumer electronics are awesome, and even when people point out how awesome they are, and that we take them for granted, the challenge is feeling it. It's so hard. i'm getting to the point when I'm disinterested in the technology by launch date. We are approaching singularity. Notice this: Doesn't it seem like it's getting more difficult to think of futurism? I kinda feel like we are already experiencing flying cars and replicated dishes, and I get the impression that the apocalyptism of the 80's was something that we managed to suffer through. There's these histories of things that happened, and then the paradigms (collective dreams) that are also really memorable and fluctual.
Crazy stuff, I'm nt sure if I explained it sufficiently, let's see if I can colagulate some web-sites to express this idea more clearly:


That's a pretty good start, , , mmm, the smell of cut-grass from outside.


Totally getting there. By the wAY, it my help to be slightly drunk and listening to downtempo electronica as you read, cause it sure is helping me. I LOVE THE INTERNET!

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