Sunday, August 16, 2009

Field Trip

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Chrissy and I went to D.C. even though I was scared to do so. It was a very necessary trip. We went for the art and we enjoyed the national Gallery of art and the herschorne. I feel like I've reached a new stage.
They should refer to the National gallery of art as the national museum of art history. Even the newer stuff is a matter of ancestry and influence. These are not places of art, these are places for the public to have discussions about art.
Every artist is an artist, and we all have different motivations and techniques. it's not that museums are an establishment and therefore bad, it's that we don't tend to appreciate creation with the enthusiasm that we would like too. It's magic, a drug-experience.
I'm just beginning to explain this, and I'm hoping to be able to do so before the entire feeling wears into a daily grind, but I do understand it now and hopefully this will remind me.
last night I dreamt that I was writing, and refining this concept:
capability/perspective (in a wave-form of increasing and decreasing Accesibility)

good thing I remembered it, cause I plan to use it in order to make engaging narratives and gameplay.

Also I kinda came to better terms with New Orleans, I kinda got a PTSD thing going on with dense cities, so some exposure helped.

I love growing,

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