Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Music videos

I took off from "work" today in order to wait for me camera's arrival. It was a pragmatic decision once I calculated the fact that otherwise I would have to go all the way to Roanoke to get it and I have paid vacation to use. 
So I love when the infomercials for music from the 70's or whatever come on the TV and they play the clips of your favorite artists performing in their prime and they go from one to another in short bursts. The edits really lend to a shallowness that allows me to overflow with nostalgia. So much better than having to sit through the entire song. So I'll watch the informercial cycle like twice, and then I thought, "man alive, shouldn't there be something similar to what MTV used to be on the internet? the one machine?" 
So I started looking for a stream of videos. And found it quickly. Videos I'm enjoying actually, as I have a browser window open with them as I type this. 
it's so nice to just enjoy videos passively. 

There's one by chairlift (who I've never heard of before, which is one of the great purposes of music videos) and the effect is so brilliant. I was just so inspired when I saw someone using what is usually viewed as an imperfection of a new technology as something to recreate in explosion. I even found a site of people agreeing with me:

The internet is like the best art movement ever.

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